In 2015 GYMLETE began a quest to find a solution for personal trainers that would allow them to give their clients workouts, without having to give them a sheet of paper with an exercise/rep list and hope the client remembers how to do each of the exercises.

Unfortunately today, so many apps and software products require you to be connected to the internet to perform workouts, or you are subjected to long download times to watch an entire video that can easily take up a lot of space on your device. The other issue with DVDs or standard video feeds is the workouts are canned. Once you go through all the workouts, you have to wait for someone to build new content. With GYMLETE you can use pre-existing workouts, build your own, or have the software dynamically generate workouts for you at your level of fitness. You have full control over creating workouts for yourself or for your clients.

We wanted a way that workouts could be shared in a simple and fast way. This meant finding a way to eliminate the large download times that are required for streaming or downloading. Sometimes, depending on your network, it can take 30 minutes to download a 30 minute workout. No one wants to wait for a workout to download.

We have all been there at one point or another when the internet isn't working, perhaps in your studio or while traveling. When you want to run a workout but have unreliable internet, it means you are completely down and may not be able to work out as planned. Even worse, if you have a group fitness class that was expected to run, now you are affecting your members. Not with GYMLETE: if there is no internet, there is no problem; you'll still be able to run your workout.

We have solved the download problem. We include 1000's of exercises built into the app, and workouts are generated from a very small packet of data. Workouts can be downloaded long in advance. If the internet goes down or you are unable to receive data, no problem. GYMLETE will still work perfectly fine in your Studio, Weight Room, Group Fitness, even on a submarine below the ocean. No matter the solution you are trying to run, you will find that GYMLETE always works.

We can get a solution in place for you today. Using our technology we can create any kind of customization;  not just putting your logo somewhere, but making the app your own. Backgrounds for the exercises, layouts, color - everything can be customized. We also develop custom apps for many of our clients.  Contact Us today and find out how we can build the right solution for you at a fraction of the cost.



Tina Lawton

Chief Executive Officer

Tina has over 25 years of experience in business and industry in a wide range of roles from engineering, operations, and project management to sales management, product management, and business development. She has experience leading cross-functional teams, managing budgets and P&L’s, and developing and executing growth strategies. Tina has an excellent understanding of the various functional areas within an organization (engineering, operations, sales, quality, customer service, finance, etc.) and how they need to interact with each other to operate a successful business. This background provides her with the essential skills to be an effective manager and business owner.

Health and fitness have always been important to Tina. She also loves to travel with her family and she loves to eat good food.  Tina balances what she enjoys with her desire to live a long, healthy, and active life. Being married to an amazing chef and baker (GYMLETE’s own Chief Software Architect, Jeff), exercise is a key ingredient that allows her to enjoy her life on her terms.


Jeff Lawton

Chief Software Architect

Jeff brings to the GYMLETE team a one-of-a-kind skillset that has made the GYMLETE software possible. Jeff’s love for computers and programming started at the age of 13 when he got his hands on his first computer, an Atari 800. From there, he began his self-taught journey of programming that has made him an expert in many different programming languages, communications, and platforms. His love for computers and programming eventually turned into a career. Jeff has 30+ years of experience as a software developer, software architect, and software designer. Jeff’s specialty is complex communications projects; he worked on everything from video games to N-Tier infrastructure projects for Fortune 500 companies as a software architect. He has learned to optimize processes to increase efficiency to have faster load times and increased performance, with minimal downtime for the customer and end user. 

Jeff loves to create new things and new technologies. Bringing his video game and communications background into the fitness world gives him a very unique take on how to improve and add new and exciting features and products to fitness. We are sure if you talk to Jeff for more than 5 minutes he will introduce you to a world of technology for which he has a tremendous passion. If you have an idea, Jeff can bring it to life. 

Jeff proudly calls himself a computer geek as well as a fitness enthusiast. He believes that being healthy and in shape is important for any lifestyle and he is driven to give that same opportunity to everyone else. Creating GYMLETE has allowed his loves for technology and fitness to be combined into something he can give to others to help them live a healthy lifestyle.


Nick Seiske

Vice President - Fitness

Nick has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry that culminated in his life-defining passion to live healthy and help others do the same. On a personal level, Nick achieves his optimum fitness goals as an endurance athlete, having completed many marathons, a 50 K race (he came in 1st), and an Ironman Triathlon. Professionally, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). Both areas of achievement have led Nick to be the key driver in successfully transforming the lives of those who have participated in his programs which include fitness instruction, personal training, exercise program design, coaching, and weight management.

Nick defines himself as one who overcomes adversity and never makes excuses. His personal philosophy is "you can’t change the past, you can always improve the future."


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